"Due to this preconceived ideology, future vampire works had to find that extra twist in order to stimulate their audiences. It is likely that everyone who watches a modern vampire film will be familiar with the vampire and perhaps also the vampire film genre as a whole. Writers of modern vampire films use their audience's existing experience and knowledge, but must also strive to provide something different and new, or else interest in the genre would quickly wane." (Beresford,M (2009:p149)) The vampire was originally Created from societies own superstitions and fears of the unknown writers have used this notion to develop the infamous creature into the iconic legend we see in today's popul

Chapter Three: True Blood: Coming "Out"of The Coffin

"What better food for the imagination than a creature who incorporates sex, blood, violence, shape shifting, super human power and eternal life?"(Jenkins M (2010:p8)) Set in The fictional town of Bon Temps in Louisiana True Blood has become one of Americas most watched shows. Adapted from the Sookie Stackhouse Diaries written by Charlene Harris True Blood burst onto our television screens in 2008 and was an overnight success. "To date the show has attracted over 12 million viewers per week, becoming HBO's most watched series since the Sopranos." (MontagueC (2010:p176)) True blood is created and directed by screen writer Alan Ball (Six Feet Under and American Beauty). Ball discovered Charlene

Chapter Two: Bloodlust Unleashed, Introducing the Count to the Masses

Friedrich Murnau's silent film Nosferatu 1922 as pictured in the image above was the first film adaption of the infamous Count Dracula, taken from the pages of Bram stoker's creation, without authorisation, and onto the screen for our eyes to feast upon. The names of the characters had been changed The fact that there was such a fuss made by Florence Stoker who wanted the film destroyed, could indicate the reason for the film's success as the lawsuit gained much public interest at the time. Stoker won the law suit; in 1925 it was ordered that the copies be destroyed.Fortunately for Maunau some of the copies survived and the film resurfaced three years later and reached American screens twelv

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