Savage Love

I thought she would wait for me forever; I thought she would always be here.
Fate had other ideas.

Just saying her name breaks my soul.
I should be happy she is far away from my destructive existence; this life was never meant for her...

My name is Marcus Ravenstone, I am head drug distributer for the Los Angeles Cartel. My life is a series of drug deals, gunfights and death. I’ll shoot you between the eyes for breathing at me the wrong way, if I think you’re a threat.
I have spent years secretly loving the same girl but never acting on my impulse to have her in the way I want.
My best friends sister…
My best friend betrayed me and met his fate; she remained loyal.
I should have dropped my façade then, I should have allowed her in. But I saw another side to my kitten, she had become vindictive and cruel, my world had tarnished everything innocent I loved about her.
Sofia Flores. sassy, seductive and sexy. A kitten with claws sharp enough to tear open the chest of a heartless escoria like me.
Then I found her beaten, broken and close to death, she had risked her life protecting my baby sister. My world hurt her in the most brutal way; I was not there to protect her; I let her down...
She doesn’t remember who she is.
The adoration I used to see in her eyes is now replaced with confusion and fear.
My kitten does not love me anymore…
I need to make her fall for me again, give her the life I have denied us for so long...


Now she is gone, disappearing in a devastating twist of fate.
This is my penance for the years of denying us both...
I have enemies, enemies who will hurt her just to make me suffer.
I have to find her.


I must protect her…

Whatever it costs.