Sarah has everything she's ever wanted, a new amazing job working at the exciting new Perdition nightclub as choreographer/performance manager to all the dancers, plus the infamous Dominic Bellator has agreed to let her perform once a month to showcase her talents on the pole.

The wounds of the past are finally closing over and life couldn't get any sweeter.

That  is until the familiar new manager turns up....

Jake has worked his way up to manager in LA, he has something to prove, not only to himself but to Dominic who has taken a chance on him, he finally had his life together.

That is until he saw her again....

Unable to stay away from each other Sarah puts their history behind them and allows Jake into her bed and into her heart, but she is harbouring a dark and dangerous secret that could tear their whole world to pieces.

Sarah has a monster that claws away at her insides begging to be released she can feel the evil seeping into her veins and it won't be long until it takes hold and destroys everything sacred to her.

Will Sarah's demon drag her away from the life and the man she has come to love so dearly? Or will Jake and all their friends be able to pull Sarah out of the darkness before it consumes them all?

As darkness falls we shall stand united on Familiar Ground.