Damsels and danger

I am Richie Marland aka ‘Razor’ President of The Maw of Fenris MC and ex-Marine.

The Marines taught me to be a man, a man conditioned for situations that would make even the toughest of men run away screaming for their Mama.

My military career was lost the day my leg was blown off....

Oh well...


Shit happens, especially in war.

I enjoy the violence, I like the fight, there’s nothing like the adrenalin rush that comes from combat, that’s the thing I tell myself when we burst into a Cartel safe house on a rescue mission to save my Vice Presidents daughter.

The one thing I am not conditioned for is the girl with the broken eyes and the effect she has on me at our first encounter.

But she’s no girl, she’s a full-blooded woman.

Bella Rose, she’s a dark-haired green-eyed angel. Just her name screams beauty and I can’t seem to avoid her.

I should stay away; I should let her go, but someone hurt her in ways no woman should ever hurt.

There’s something about this woman that makes me want to forget about all the other broads warming my bed and give her exactly what her eyes are begging for.

There’s only one problem…

She’s a Cartel Princess and out of bounds for a bastard like me.

Smoke and Gunfire

Things just got interesting and as for my broken angel well, she’s a devil in disguise.

Drag me to hell.