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Emmie has tried to forget about the brutal things she had to do to protect her family,

Just as she is starting to believe they can all move on, her sister’s wedding throws all of her progress into disarray when the appearance of the darkly handsome Dominic reignites a primal and inappropriate desire inside of her.

A relationship develops between them which is as passionate as it is dangerous, especially when a number of supernatural events occur making her realise her actions from the past might be coming back to haunt her.

Turning to the man she had sworn to keep her distance from, Dominic’s unique abilities and the asset at his disposal might be the only thing that can help save her family against the evil that is descending upon them. After all, if a rich warlock can’t help her then who can?

With threatening figures once again ready to pounce, Emmie is desperate to not resort to the beastly side of herself, she has tried so hard to suppress.
Can Dominic break down Emmie’s barriers and prove he can be trusted, or will things spiral out of control even more when she realises her deepest fears are initially closer than she thought.
The Vandran Legacy continues in this dark and dangerous new novel.

Even the darkest of souls crave Something Familiar to drag them back into the light.