Annabelle Vandran

Born 2nd of January 1684

Great Goddess and protector of Hunterscove

murdered 1703 at the hands of Domini Bellatorum

Through the bloodline a new sorceress will rise.

The great Annabelle had been one of the last descendants of a Celtic goddess named Airmid who had the power to heal the sick using herbs.

Annabelle was said have taken on Airmid's powers and became a powerful white sorceress, her calming spirit magic brought peace at a turbulent and unsettled time in Hunterscove.

Annabelle, had settled in Hunterscove with her Wiccan father. Hunterscove is a little fishing village on the outskirts of Dublin in Ireland

Annabelle and her father where accepted and loved by all the townsfolk. Some folklore stories told of how she had the power to heal the sick or give easy rest to the dying.

At eighteen She formed her bond with a powerful familiar named Daniel.

Her companion took on the form of a Canis Lupus or grey wolf, the bond between Cailleach and companion was so strong they fell helplessly in love. Around a year later she had given birth to a son who she named Nicholas, it isn't known what spectral form her child had embodied.

Her joy was to be short lived as word about Annabelle's whereabouts had travelled to a group of Holy men who called themselves Domini Bellatorum known in this age by the English translation 'The Masters Warriors'. They followed the word of the great Master called Dominus.

He was believed to be an ancient warlock driven mad by the power he possessed.

He had become obsessed with Annabelle's beauty and her white magic, he believed she was a gift from all the gods he worshipped and she had been sent to this world to become his bride.

He became enraged that she had given away her heart and purity to a mere companion, believing she should have given herself to someone of a higher stature because she was a descendant of a goddess. He believed he was her perfect match and giving away her body to anyone but him deemed her magic tarnished and weakened.

His anger and jealousy drove him insane and he became enraged shouting to anyone who would listen that she had betrayed him. He convinced all his followers that Annabelle was an abomination and her and her bloodline needed to be wiped out before she brought great harm to Hunterscove and the people there.

Dominus and his followers invaded Hunterscove. Annabelle was bound by ropes, and her family and friends were slaughtered in a bloodbath while she was forced to watch. Her baby son Nicholas was ripped from her arms and taken away never to be seen or heard from again.

Annabelle was tortured and later burnt at the steak inside the church grounds at Hunterscove. It is said her soul was condemned for all eternity to walk the very ground she was put to death.

Until now...