Sometimes the Unfamiliar can awaken a part of ourselves we never knew existed.

Clara has been held captive for two months.

Abducted, beaten and abused by the Domini Bellatorum, a group of henchmen working for a sadistic boss known only as 'The Master', Clara has endured more torture and suffering than the average person could barely begin to imagine, she lives in hope that one day she can escape the shackles of this hell and The Master for good.

With the aid of another broken captive Clara manages to break free from her confinement and is found hiding in the woods by a strange magical creature who chants in a language she doesn't understand. After falling unconscious Clara finds herself in the back of a van in the care of a ruggedly handsome stranger named Colt.

The stirrings she has for this stranger both intrigue and scare her and she finds herself putting her trust in him and his family.

As their love for each other flourishes to unexpected heights. Colt opens up her world and awakens a part of her she never knew existed.

Terrifying nightmares haunt her dreams every time she closes her eyes. Why does she look so much like the woman she sees in them? Everything is not as it seems dark forces are at work; her own family are now in grave danger as the threat she thought was long gone returns with vengeance. Clara and Colt attempt to stop this sadistic creature from claiming her life for his own once again.

In her new fantasy romance novel Unfamiliar Anna-Louise Dann spins an erotic and thrilling story of love, loss and survival as Colt and Clara find themselves caught in the horrific gaze of The Master.